15 April 2014

New Facebook Android app and sorting News feed by recency

Have you lost the ability to sort the new Facebook Android app by the recency of News feed.

Is it defaulted to Top Stories? Do you want it back? Or at least an easy way to switch?

I think I've got a little solution....

Click the menu button (it's that one with three bars) - you may have to press it twice if you don't get the "options" page first time.

Below your Facebook profile picture you should get a set of FAVORITES

What we want to do is add News Feed recency to those favorites. It's called "Most Recent" on the Facebook app.

So whist still on that options page scroll down to nearly the bottom and the section labelled SETTINGS.

Click Edit Favorites in that SETTINGS section.

Scroll down to FEEDS and click on the star to select "Most Recent" and confirm you want to add that favorite.

Make sure you press the "Finish Editing" at the top to save your settings.

Then scroll back to top and you should see "Most Recent" at the top of this menu/options page.

You can know click on Most recent and your normal viewing for news feed recency has returned.

The Android Facebook app seems to remember this setting when you switch to other tabs. Pressing the menu (three bars) returns you to the most recent news feed.

Pressing again and it take you back to options if required.

If this works for you DON'T deactivate the "Most Recent" from "Favorites" as it then seems to remove the option to re-add (after removal). I removed mine to create a better screenshot for this post and then lost the option to re-add completely. Restarting my phone brought the "Most Recent" option back.



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