12 February 2014

Update on discount train tickets by splitting journeys

I wrote a previous post about using the Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert Tickety Split website/app but I found that it didn't always give the best results.

When checking to go on the same journey the results from the app weren't consistent. However, it does say that the app is Lite and clause 8 applies:
"Why is it TicketySplit Lite? This is a three-month trial of the technology and is currently free. However, every time you search we have to pay. Frankly, we have to see how popular and well used it is. We're willing to foot the bill up to a certain level; beyond that we'll have to do some careful thinking. We called this 'Lite', so you'll know it may change."

Therefore I found a way to do my own testing of the best prices once I knew of the journey split details.
You can run queries on the National Rail website and save the urls for later.

Bristol Parkway to Clapham Junction (full journey)

Bristol Parkway to Didcot Parkway (Part A journey)

Bristol Parkway to Clapham Junction (Part B journey)

By using the second two journeys it works out to be a 42% saving on the full journey cost.

Try them out yourself?


11 February 2014

Bristol Team Honk relay for Sport Relief 2014

My wife helped with the Sport Relief charity fundraising today by completing one of the Bristol stages of the Team Honk Relay. She was completing the stage with PracticlyPerfectMums and members of Team Missfit (Portishead).

They were all very keen at the start:

and keen to show off the fund raising text number on any available space:
 (Text HONK to 70005 and donate £5 to Sport Relief)

but very relieved to be finished and passing the baton to the next team (see they are on horses!):

I couldn't resist joining in and so I helped them for part of the journey. I'm the one in the blue! Here we are mid run between the Bristol Suspension bridge and Pill: