9 January 2014

So I'm a money saving freak...

So I'm a money saving freak and my latest success is using the Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert Tickety Split website/app.

Normally I pre-book my tickets well in advance but found that I couldn't get a good price for a ticket in January when trying to book before Christmas. :-(

I used the split your ticket app here:

Using this web.app today I managed to reduce my single ticket cost for Bristol to Clapham Junction down from £91 to £55 using split tickets. The lady on the ticket desk said they are allowed to do it when asked but they are not allowed to suggest it to customers.  :-(

So how did it work?
I got a train ticket from Bristol Parkway to Didcot Parkway and a second ticket from Didcot Parkway to Clapham Junction but obviously I stayed on the train.

Here is a screenshot of a tickety split search result page:

Please also note that it may not work on shorter journeys e.g. Oxford to London where there are no options to reduce/split.

Why not try it yourself and let me know how you got on?



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